Case Incendin: The Discovery of a Rough Diamond

“If he had sent his resume spontaneously, I don't know if we would have invited him.”


Incendin is a Belgian SME pioneer in life-saving chemistry. It is internationally renowned for innovative fire prevention and control solutions.

Recruitment consultant Elisa Pillin from Stroom was tasked with working with Cindy Lemaen, Incendin’s HR Business Partner, to find a strong purchasing professional.


Previously, purchasing activities were scattered across different departments, leading to inefficient team members being distracted from their core tasks.

Incendin decided to centralise these tasks with one person to improve oversight and operational effectiveness , creating a new role: purchaser.

HR Business Partner Cindy’s Game Plan

The plan was clear: find purchasing talent who fits within Incendin’s culture. HR Business Partner Cindy took on this task.

“Within HR, I am a one-woman army. That’s why I rely on external experts for specialised functions. I came across Stroom due to their strong reputation in Supply Chain and logistics positions.”

Match with Stroom

Stroom got along with Incendin for three reasons:

  1. Knowledge of where the best purchasing professionals are and who is open to a new challenge
  1. Empathy with Supply Chain SMEs that bring a concrete product to market

  1. No-nonsense mentality: getting results, that’s what it’s all about

Presenting Candidates? Quality Over Quantity

Stroom’s approach was quick and effective, resonating well with Incendin’s dynamic nature. The entire process, from intake to contract offer, took 3 weeks. It was settled after just two candidates.

The choice fell on a junior with growth potential, which surprised Cindy positively.

“If it had been a spontaneous application, I don’t know if we would have invited this person. But Elisa from Stroom can assess her candidates well. She felt the match with Incendin, and now we feel it too.” 

Consultancy Begins with a Listening Ear

Elisa and Cindy succeeded in this case through their seamless collaboration, characterised by mutual trust and openness. Elisa’s transparency about the pros and cons of each candidate accelerated the decision-making process.

“The most valuable thing about Elisa was her ability to listen. She understood exactly what was important to us. As a result, no candidates were presented who didn’t fit us.”

The Collaboration Leaves a Desire for More

With the right person in the right place, Incendin confidently looks to the future. With this key player on board, they are ready for continuous growth and innovation.

“This young potential has already proven that he will go far within our company. He is an integral part of our team and shows great ambition to grow and take initiative. We have brought in a rough diamond.” – Cindy.

The successful collaboration with Stroom solved an immediate recruitment problem and set the tone for future recruitment efforts.

Cindy’s Advice for Industry Colleagues

“If you ask me where to find a suitable candidate for a challenging position within Supply Chain, my advice would be: ‘Talk with Stroom.'”

Is Your Organization Also Looking for a Purchaser or Similar Position? Elisa and all our other recruitment experts are happy to help you fill this position efficiently.